TUSK Tracheal Cannulator

The Bougie Integrated Stylet

The TUSK Tracheal Cannulator aims to help healthcare providers insert endotracheal tubes faster, safer, and with greater confidence.

Why the need for NEW STYLET Technology?

Endotracheal Intubation(ETI) is a stressful and complex procedure that requires considerable skill in order to consistently and promptly maneuver the breathing tube into the correct position. An improperly placed tube can deprive a patient of oxygen and can rapidly lead to death. Multiple attempts can lead to serious patient complications. Emergency circumstances, such as trauma and austere conditions can make ETI riskier and more difficult.

Rapid FIRST PASS Success is Essential!

Despite advances in ETI visualization technology. ETI error rates remain unacceptably high, particularly in the prehospital environment. Our team has identified the anatomic and ergonomic factors that interfere with successful tracheal intubation and have applied this knowledge in the development of the Tusk Stylet.

TUSK is a DUAL-USE device

Designed specifically to provide a leveraging advantage for a wide range of operators performing video-laryngoscopy. However, the inner stylet design allows operators to configure the Tusk for use with direct laryngoscopy.

Prototype Device - Pending FDA approval
Not currently available for sale in the United States.