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Matrix OI – Cortical Fibers

Matrix OI® Cortical Fibers are derived from 100% human allograft bone.

Graft Matrix

Graft Matrix human bone is processed using a proprietary technology that can accelerate cellular growth by increasing the osteoinductive and osteoconductive surface area.

Traditional Strips

Traditional Strips consist of 100% demineralized bone matrix made from a single piece of cancellous bone, exposing essential growth factors to promote new bone formation.

Crushed Cancellous Chips

Designed to fill bony voids or gaps, providing a scaffold for bone ingrowth with the patient’s own bone. A ready-to-use alternative to autograft for bone regeneration


MatrixCellect 100 – DBM Crunch

MatrixCellect® 100 DBM Crunch is derived from 100% allograft bone.

DBM Chips

DBM Putty

DBM Putty is comprised of human bone and buffered water. Formulated to resist irrigation. Multiple sizes to address an array of procedures.


Amniotic Patch

Amnion allografts are available in single- and dual-layer patches. The dual-layer amnion allograft is specifically designed for use in the da Vinci Robot and can also be used in open and laparoscopic surgery.


Cortical Sheets

A slim, pliable demineralized cortical allograft bone sheet can be shaped using scissors or a scalpel when hydrated.



PurePRP® is a proprietary form of autologous platelet rich plasma developed by our supplier.  It contains a complex composition of cellular components derived from your blood biologic that can be used to treat and repair a host of injuries and conditions.

Bone Marrow Concentration Kit

PureBMC® is the ideal solution to bone marrow cell concentrate. The technology delivers a robust and viable cell concentrate in the bone marrow that augments the function of platelets, total nucleated cells…

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